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Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:21 pm by queengoogoo

In the evening when the day is done
And no more is the light from the sun,
I look upon the stars Heaven high
And find gratefulness deep inside.
But then there are nights a storm rolls in,
And the twinkles disappear above the lightning.
The thunder accompanying the flash,
Lets me embrace the rain's splash.
These strikes pealing within the darkness
Makes me feel I have been blessed.
For there is …

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Suggestions, Opinions?

Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:07 pm by cuthugas

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone has anything to say now that you've had a chance to use the forum a bit.

Is there anything you don't like? Something you would like to see changed? This site gives us a lot of flexbility to modify just about everything you see, so if you can't stand something, or have a suggestion on how something should look/work, let us know.

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New Forum Format

Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:46 am by Admin

Hello Everyone,

This is the new format for our WVW Writing Forum. The hope is that this will better facilitate the membership's need for interaction, and will also act as a centralized location for news and information about WVW upcoming events and news. Please feel free to start a conversation, ask for advice, or just voice your opinion about a topic. Please thoroughly read our rules and …

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West Virginian in a Strange and Foreign Land

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West Virginian in a Strange and Foreign Land

Post by R.G. Yoho on Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:18 pm

A current resident of Ohio, this proud West Virginian has been a member of West Virginia Writers for over a couple of years.

I am a West Virginian.

Living on a hill above the Ohio River, like Moses, I can see the Promised Land from my place on the other side of Jordan.

I spend most of my time in West Virginia. I shop there. West Virginia is where I punch the time clock. My doctors and hospitals are there. My fitness facility is in West Virginia. My college football team, the Mountaineers, call my state their home.

West Virginia is the place my children and grandchildren were born. It is the place where my dear mother is buried. My heart is there and my tears have watered its precious soil.

It is the place where I first skinned my knee and developed my first crush. It is the place I learned to read and where I first learned to pray. It is the place where this fourteen-year old boy became the pall bearer for his seven-year old cousin, stricken by the scourge of cancer.

West Virginia is the place where I saw my first football game. It was the place I was sitting when the Mountaineers completed their first undefeated season. It was the first and only place in which I ever shook the hand of the President.

Perhaps my own fierce streak of independence is only natural, since West Virginia was borne in an act of secession from secessionists.

Like many others, I’ve grieved over the loss of trapped miners. I’ve personally witnessed the carnage of the Willow Island tower collapse. I have vivid memories of the Silver Bridge and the Marshall plane disaster.

Although I live elsewhere, the Mountain State is my home. It is the place where I've deliberately chosen to assemble and take my place among other writers and authors.

The strains of Country Roads are music to my ears. The voice of Jack Fleming stirs my memories. And the scents and sounds of gunfire are part of the music of Autumn.

I have written about its college athletes, its politics, and its history in regards to the exploration of space. I am proud to share the birthplace of Jerry West, Chuck Yeager, Don Knotts, Stonewall Jackson, Kathy Mattea, Homer Hickam, Brad Paisley, Pearl S. Buck, and Mary Lou Retton. I am intimately familiar with the fact that I drew my first breath in the same state where Hank Williams took his last.

I am proud of the state's great and numerous contributions to our Armed Forces. I have interviewed these great men. I have held Woody Williams’ Medal of Honor in my own hand.

I am a West Virginian.

West Virginia is not only the place of my birth; it is the place from which I derive my culture. The state has given birth to my accent and manner of speech. The love of my life was born there as well.

I am a child of the mountains; I am a friend of coal. My blood runs red, white, blue and gold. And more than likely, the state of West Virginia will also be my final resting place.

I am a West Virginian.
R.G. Yoho
R.G. Yoho

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Location : Little Hocking, OH

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Flat Land

Post by uppertractwriter on Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:10 am

I lived in the flat land of Ohio for about five years when my kids were young. Was so glad to be back in the comfort of the mountains.

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