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Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:21 pm by queengoogoo

In the evening when the day is done
And no more is the light from the sun,
I look upon the stars Heaven high
And find gratefulness deep inside.
But then there are nights a storm rolls in,
And the twinkles disappear above the lightning.
The thunder accompanying the flash,
Lets me embrace the rain's splash.
These strikes pealing within the darkness
Makes me feel I have been blessed.
For there is …

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Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:07 pm by cuthugas

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to see if anyone has anything to say now that you've had a chance to use the forum a bit.

Is there anything you don't like? Something you would like to see changed? This site gives us a lot of flexbility to modify just about everything you see, so if you can't stand something, or have a suggestion on how something should look/work, let us know.

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Hello Everyone,

This is the new format for our WVW Writing Forum. The hope is that this will better facilitate the membership's need for interaction, and will also act as a centralized location for news and information about WVW upcoming events and news. Please feel free to start a conversation, ask for advice, or just voice your opinion about a topic. Please thoroughly read our rules and …

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Dream Your Dream

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Dream Your Dream Empty Dream Your Dream

Post by kimjarman on Mon May 13, 2013 7:27 pm

This is the beginning of a chapter of a book I began to write a long time ago. My desire to write about spiritual things. I guess that just the inner writer's voice I am developing. Anyway, I was wondering what some of thought of it

One day, I tried to look over a rainbow. I just wanted to
know if it could be done. I stared intensely at it looking for it’s end.
It seemed to enter a rock, but it did
not come out of the other side. I wondered if the rainbow did not exist
somewhere. Praise for God poured forth from my lips like gushing streams of
water. My lips moved faster than a locomotive as I blurted out along series of beautiful descriptive
adjectives for God. “I wanna see your
kingdom God” I shouted to the mountain. Then, the rainbow was past.

“Praise Him for his
majestic creation” I thought to myself,
wondering if that experience was not prompted by the Holy Spirit. I prayed and asked the Lord for a deeper understanding.

Later, I saw the veil
again, it was over my eyes but through it
I saw a long legged colt standing next to his mother.
I stared for a deeper look and I noticed off in a distance there was a small
herd of young colts running along a
fence. “Why isn’t the first colt out
there running” I wondered aloud. Then I
just knew the answer. “He needs more time” Suddenly the colt turned into a young
man. Surrounding him was a big billowy cloud. Out of the cloud came a lot of
bright colors that sparkled down around the young man. I could tell the boyish
man was dreaming. Wisdom entered me. I interpreted the situation from the
perspective of my own studies as a
teacher. This new adult is processing his newly acquired thoughts. There is
another period of brain growth just as one enters adulthood. Developmental psychology theory
tapped on my forehead. I
remembered the stage theorist named Erik
Ericson. Delayed onset of adult thinking
can be a valid stage of ones psychological development. Then I saw the man open
his mouth and start singing. His body became wirey as melodic words floated
from his mouth. He sang a simple song.
Wisdom spoke to me again. This is
his form of self expression. A young man dreams his dreams. He wants to be a
singer during this stage of his life. Something inside him pulls him toward
that goal. He can’t help it. He has got
to sing. People tell him that singing
holds no future. “Go out and get a job”, they say.. But, the best job for anyone is doing what
one was created to do. God put it in his spirit, God will do something with it. God will raise
him up.

I want to capture his
dream like one captures a butterfly. You
don’t hold onto to hard are you will smash it, but if you hold it too loosely
it will fly away.”

Hold on lightly to your dream” I whisper to the man but he
doesn’t hear me.

How does a young person find what God has created them to
do. The thing that draws him and effects his whole life is the thing God is calling him to do.

Young man sing for
God. As long as your are doing that, your heart will be in the right place. We
can trust that He will lead you. His
guiding reigns are those tugs upon your heart. Follow the lead. Your master
knows where he is going across the horizon, be it dryness in the desert or
moisture from the sea. God says to you, “Follow me.”

Season for singing for enlightening someone’s spirit.

He shall run and never grow weary.

Art, creativity, a channel for releasing the spirit. See the shape within. Let the forms come to
life by the work of your hands. God is raising up a generation of leaders to do his will, to speak his word.
Let his spirit flow into your craft. The work will be him alive in you.

To the man who sits sequestered in his home with a heart of
hardness not letting anyone in God is saying,”Let me in” I will l mend your
crushed spirit.” You can learn to love
again. Satan has robbed you of what was
rightfully yours. God’s promise to you
is a return seven fold. Multiply your loss by seven and you will have an idea
of all God plans to restore to you. That is just an idea for eye has not seen
and ear has not heard all that He has for those who love him. We can not fathom
His riches untold.

Understand that He came unto his own and his own did not
receive him. Those who do not receive
you are not receiving Jesus in you. You
are the light of Jesus to the world. The light shines in the darkness. When
darkness sees light, it runs.

Bring the authority of Christ into your situation and watch
how the demons run. That refusal to
listen, that argumentative personality, that accusation directed towards you is
a demon on the run.

Wind of the spirit whispers your name. Can you hear it
whistling across the horizon?



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